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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 8, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day and we've got them for you, "right this minute." a wing suit pilot goes for broke between two buildings. >> he put it right between the eyes. >> now, meet the daredevil who went all stealth to pull it off. >> at one point, i just said, let let's do it. >> a worr keeps working even though her hand is sandwiched -- caught in the dough machine. how they set her free. a dude follows the crying
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and comes out with a baby. >> it wants mommy. >> why this little fawn wasn't the only surprise in the brush. and he punched his brother over pancakes. >> you can't hit people because you want pancakes. >> now meet dad and the boys who answer the critical question. >> why did you punch your brother because you wanted pancakes? >> i needed pancakes. >> hasn't changed. the intensity of this video just ramps up all the way through it. starts off with a gorgeous tandem gliding flight over the beach, over the ocean. this is gorgeous, a great place it fly. then a guy takes a tumble off the paraglider. spreads out his wing suit and check this out, see the two tall residential powers down below? talk about proximity, that's sebastian alvarez in his
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hometown in chile. >> no way. no way. >> look at him. he does it like it is no big deal. >> he threads the needle. that's a 39 foot gap between those two towers. he acts like nothing. throws the chute, lands perfectly and you got to be pumped up after something like that. i mean, charged. want to know more about this jump? i sure do. why would youo someth sasan alvarez "right this minute." how long have you been planning this and how long have you wanted to do this? >> it took me one wemonth to pl it, one week to make the decision to do it. >> was this a dare or did you come up with this on your own? >> i went to see my family back in chile. i found the twin towers, they looked pretty close each other. and at one point i said, let's do it. >> how do you practice for something like this?
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>> i'm a professional wing suit flyer, i'm a base jumper and always doing terrain fly or always skydiving, trying new wing suit and stuff like that. >> when you let go up there and headed toward the buildings, what is going through your mind? >> just a few seconds when you take the decision if you go or not. at one point, i am like go, go. at that moment, i try to just go in between the buildings and try to be as much as i can, like in between, you know? >> can you give us a taste of what you might have planned next? >> i don't know what can happen. so if i -- if i refuse to do that, probably not going to be video. i can't tell you what -- what i'm going to do excited. but i have really good ideas. >> why is this man in this like. doesn't look clear.
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the bridge is in the way. but it is all for something very good. see what's in the water. a fish. no, wait, is that a -- that's a fawn. that's a baby. it is a fawn. it is loud and it's protesting because it wants mommy. >> oh. not every day you fish for fawn. >> that's true. this is in lake okonee, georgia. they say the mom was standing nearby and the brother was also in the water. the brother was easily rescued. but this one was pretty vocal. >> what is the baby and the brother both in the lake. do you think the mom said you need a bath and couldn't get them out? >> who knows what's going on. but they were both in the water, both rescued. i don't know how old it is. but it seems pretty young. it is shaking because of the water. they said that they had to warm it up and stabilize it, but it was eventually sitting back into the woods to reunite with mom. >> how fun to have to warm up
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with a fawn, hug it for a long time, get its body temperature back up, dry it off. that's your job. your job that day is to hug a baby deer. >> that's exactly what this guy does. picks it up, cuddles it, scratches it under the chin, animals seem to like that. what is nice is that both it and its brother was reunited with mom. you know that saying, smile through the pain? it's true. you should smile through the pain, as in this case of this particular woman in china, working at a bakery, i bread factory at some point and she got her left hand caught in the dough machine. it looks pretty horrible. look at her face. she's smiling through the pain. she has a big old grin on her face. waiting for rescuers to come help get her hand out. this is your busy part of the day. >> is that blood? >> it could potentially be blood. she has the flesh wound as a
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part of this particular injury. the other workers at this plate could not get her hand out. they had to bring in her entire team who had to bring in hi hydraulic type gear. look at her face. >> did they have to use the jaws of life to cut it apart or take the machine apart? >> it looks like they use the jaws of life to help loosen it. that didn't work. so they bring in the big old hacksaw. finally, another machine is used to help spread the gears open and watch them pull her hand out. >> oh, my god. she's wiggling it. >> you don't want to look too closely but there were people waiting to bandage her wound when her hand was removed. it looks awful, right? no broken bones. these were only flesh wounds. when she pulled her hand out you would think that's a good makeup job given the look on her face during that entire ordeal. >> she probably knew she wasn't going to lose her hand and that made her smile.
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this is st. mary's children's hospital. it is an actual abandoned hospital in england. people come to this hospital to check it out. so a group of investigators set up seven different hidden cameras, and you won't believe what they caught. here's one man, he's not alone. see that right there? >> i do. that little face. >> watch what happens. it comes out from below. it's super creepy. >> oh. >> that would -- i would lose my bowels. that's awesome. >> [ bleep ]. >> he's terrified wondering who the heck is here. he walks back out. the thing is gone. and that thing you saw is known as the owl man, dressed in
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victorian gentleman's suit, over the head of an owl and long limbs with claws. >> i hope they told them at some point, like, hey, we're doing a prank video here. you could be haunted the rest of your life. >> these are just people coming to explore. all kinds of different people come there all the time. and they have no idea what's about to happen. >> there he goes again. >> oh, no, dude. he turned into a puddle. >> just like the other guy, he finally realizes this owl man is gone, gets up and jams out of there. watch these two. the guy goes into one the room and the girl walks down the hall. she walks right up to the owl man. you're never going to go to an abandoned building ever again. this was put together by the
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teen behind the movie called "lord of tears" where the creature is the owl man. what better with eter way to cr awareness for the film than to do thisvideo. if you want tdeo, you can access it through the link. go to a crash sent him flying, but there he was -- >> shaking it off. >> the dude who is way tougher than you. and it is a party anthem megahit. deejay snake and lil jon made it famous. now, see who's making it viral. >> no! jijim'm's s hahairir i is . soso's's h hisis s ser, anand d hihis s mamandnn [speaking mandndararinin]] xieúxieú, hou chiú but like up to 90% of amamereri, jim falls short in gegettttining g imimpoportrtanam food alone. mamakikingng j jimim m moro. adadd d onone e a a daday y m, rich in key nutrtrieientnts sy need.
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you treat every minute like it's a chance to do something. so you're always moving. constantly searching for the next opportunity to make the most of what life has to offer. your time is valuable. so you reach for something better. fewer calories. fewer carbs. more to experience. michelob ultra. the superior light beer. the schoooter is a popular mode of transportation in taiwan. easy to get around in traffic. here a bunch of scooters come to the front of the line here at this red light stop.
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may not have been the best idea for these scooters because watch what happens on these slick, wet roads. oh, boy. >> they dodged a flying bullet right there. >> talk about lucky. watch it again. this green van, for whatever reason, makes a blind left turn around that column under the bridge there, has no clue what's coming on the other side of it, turns in front of that delivery truck. that delivery truck, though, seems to turn the wheel to the right and avoid that head-on collision. >> wow. >> what was the guy in the green truck thinking? you're three lanes from where you should be making a left. >> thankfully, it appears no serious injuries happened as a result of that poor thinking. in russia, i think the scale of pain is just on a different level. because they don't seem to react to pain like we do here. dash cam video up ahead. watch out, though. there is a head-on collision.
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oh. >> oh, my god. the guy came right out. >> the guy in the white car gets ejected from that crash. but watch. >> oh, there he is. >> there he goes. shaking it off. shaking off the pain from a head-on collision. >> not feeling good. >> yeah. such a violent crash. can't believe he's able to move at all. different pain scale in russia. stay with me, guys. >> i love that song. >> that's a good one. >> yeah. >> it is not old. it is very popular song right now. the song "turn down the what" from deejay snake and lil jon. kittens love "turn down for what". >> no, get out of here.
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>> clearly he's got something. >> yeah. >> they really like the song. >> clearly never owned a cat. >> no, never. >> the fact they look like they're jamming to this tune, it is enough to keep you watching for hours on end. ♪ turn down for what >> that's awesome. >> oh, man. >> the next evolution, cut out a little cardboard car and it looks like they're driving to the jam. >> that's the next version of the video. >> yeah. driving and bouncing. >> if you see the video of this, the next thing that will happen is they'll crash through the floor of the other cats down there doing the same thing and they'll crash through that and that will be a big cat -- >> somebody takes this and makes it something. >> make it. >> james kingston climbs way up high, but then. >> watch this leap. >> why his daring stunt doesn't end there. plus, looking for a new
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roommate. what better way to choose one than to -- >> set up your brooklyn apartment as a makeshift talk show studio. >> welcome to the apartment, andrew. >> see what surprises he's got in store for the potential roomies. >> please welcome mr. gilbert godfried. >> wow. papaulul.. this is paul's office. fofor r ththosose e whwhoe a serious job dodoesesn'n't t hahaveve t to o. onone e a a daday y memen'n's h key nutrients like b-vitamins.
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that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. male announcer: you could try home remedies to remove your warts... - are you sure about this? - not at all. announcer: but wartstick works. buy at drugstores or use only as directed. finding a roommate can be a
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really key task. what better idea than to set up your brooklyn apartment as a makeshift talk show studio and then invite the people who respond to your craigslist ad. >> please welcome steven johnson. >> that is what this guy scott regalski did. he's a well known tv personality. he's been on some shows. >> please welcome amu cal. welcome to apartment 3r. >> okay. >> no talk show would be complete without some celebrity guests. >> please welcome mr. gilbert godfried. >> wow. >> you and gilbert go back a long time. >> we do, we do. >> you did the chitlin circuit. >> he came up with the term you big dummy.
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>> also, andrew w.k. hanging out with this potential roommate. >> are you interviewing to live here as well? >> i would rather not. >> okay. >> that's an actual studio audience brought in for the show. >> yeah. somehow she gthey got tickets a they're there. >> braves, big rivalry, would you want to watch millionaire matchmaker. not a problem, huh? >> you do whatever you want to do. i watch everything on the computer. >> you watch planet earth in your room? you do drugs? >> no. >> would you take a quick urine test? >> i can't believe the people agreed to do it but then again i'm not surprised they agreed to do it. >> thank you very much. another james kingston video put out by epic qb. james considered one of the best free runners in the united kingdom. also loves to climb things. here goes james again, climbing
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the south bank tower, in london. the building itself is 364 feet. you know, that's not where he stops. hego, going up the crane. watch this leap. leaps from one part of the crane to another and then just stands right out on the corner of that thing with his toes hanging off. oh, yeah. >> chicken skin chills. >> the rest will make you -- your pants. james says he does not do these things unless he feels safe. he claims he practices this climb three times before he filmed it this time. and in some wool sweater looks like it is from j. crew. not in any gear. now, look at this view of london at sunrise. it is quite spectacular. the stunts aren't finished. even though he's at the top. he pulls his sweater off, tucks it in a portion of the crane here. he clip climbs down, hangs fro crane and then one handed. james is only 23. his mom does not like him doing
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this and seeing him hanging from stuff. this started back in 2004 and he's come this far. >> how weird he says he doesn't do it unless he feels safe. that's relevant. what does it take to feel safe when you're climbing this? >> gravity and the ground makes me feel safe. >> james, 20 to 30 minutes to climb up there and then spent two hours taking in the view. conner wanted pancakes, so he packed a punch. >> you can't hit people because you don't get pancakes. >> i need some. >> dad doesn't seem to understand the severity of the pancake needs. >> the story behind the little guy's big craving. >> i need pancakes. avavo o : : ththisis i is s. this is paul's office. fofor r ththosose e whwhoe a serious job dodoesesn'n't t hahaveve t to o. onone e a a daday y memen'n's h key nutrients like b-vitamins. alall l ththe e fufun n ofof s a complete multivitamin.
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood. >> you could drive forward and launch them into there. you know when you were a kid, sibling did something, something happened, you wanted to punch your sibling. look at this scene. in this video from juken, you got dad driving the car, that's jonathan. he's with his kids in the back seat. something bad is going down,
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right? thomas, thomas, why did you hit aidan? >> because -- >> because you want pancakes? >> conner is 3 years old. he's boyetthe boy in the car se. aidan, his 6-year-old brother, who seems to be unaffected by this punch. keep watching because conner's reaction is priceless. >> you can't hit people because you want pancakes. >> but i need some. >> you can't hit people because you don't get pancakes. >> i need some. >> dad doesn't seem to understand the severity of this pancake need. >> you can't do that. he's being good. you punched him in the head because you didn't get pancakes. >> but he's being good. and i need pancakes. >> he needed his brother to be bad? it seems to have made sense in conner's mind. >> to find out what was going on, we have dad jonathan,
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6-year-old brother aidan and little 3-year-old conner via skype from illinois "right this minute." welcome to the show, you guys. conner, my first question is for you. why did you punch your brother because you wanted pancakes? >> because i had to have pancakes. >> hasn't changed. >> we were driving along and all of a sudden i hear a loud smack and i look back and i caught it right out of the corner of my eye him punching him in the head. i decided to catch it on camera and see what he would say. i had a hard time not laughing while recording this. >> how did the pancake thing come up? >> it was completely random. did not talk about pancakes, had pancakes, nothing. just i guess it caught him in the urge, got in him to take that aggression on not being able to have pancakes right then. you feel anything else besides the hurt? >> just hurt. >> and he cried. >> dad, how are you using this
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as a teachable moment? >> just trying to teach him you can't hit people over pancakes, but over anything in general. he got a time-out when we got home. at the time, he seemed like he was a changed man. but it looks like he reverted back to old ways. >> i need pancakes. >> you're very good brother, aidan. >> yeah, hang in there with that little guy. >> thanks. >> i think he might be a little punch drunk. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." for major historical events,
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